We're thrilled to announce that NeuraVue will be participating in this year's highly anticipated Collision conference, one of the world's most renowned tech events. With a reputation for innovation and excellence, Collision brings together industry leaders, investors, and startups from around the globe to shape the future of technology. As a disruptive force in the safety and security industry, NeuraVue is excited to showcase our groundbreaking solutions at Collision. With over 40,000 attendees from 140+ countries, 950+ investors, and 2,000+ startups, Collision provides the perfect platform to network, collaborate, and share our vision with the brightest minds in the tech world. At NeuraVue, we believe that safety and security should be accessible to everyone. Our advanced AI-powered surveillance system is revolutionizing the industry by offering real-time threat detection, intelligent analytics, and comprehensive coverage. By leveraging cutting-edge camera technology and innovative algorithms, we provide proactive security measures that go beyond traditional surveillance systems. Collision gives us the opportunity to connect with potential partners, investors, and customers who share our passion for creating safe and secure environments. With over 250+ partners and a buzzing atmosphere of collaboration, we're eager to explore new opportunities and expand our reach. Join us at Collision as we make waves in the tech industry and shape the future of safety and security. Together, let's build a world where innovative technology works hand in hand with human ingenuity to create safer communities. Be part of the NeuraVue experience at Collision and witness the power of our cutting-edge solutions. We can't wait to share our vision with you. Visit our booth or schedule a meeting to learn more about NeuraVue and how we're transforming the way we think about safety and security. See you at Collision!