Worried about the safety of your family or business?

NeuraVue offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and business are safe, even when you are not around.  From signal for help detection, fall detection, and physical abuse detectors to weapon recognition and zone violation notifications - it has everything covered.

Whether you are a business owner looking to safeguard your employees or a homeowner trying to keep your family safe - a reliable security system makes all the difference. Our guide will help you evaluate the pros and cons of various security solutions to decide which one is best for you.
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What makes NeuraVue the perfect security solution

  • NeuraVue is a camera agnostic solution that works with any smart camera - saving you from additional infrastructure costs
  • Provides real-time detection and emergency alerts for security threats like - Physical Abuse, Weapons, Falls, Zone Violation and Signal for Help Detection
  • Financial ROI in the form of cost savings for insurance
  • Social ROI while addressing reputation risk
  • Reduces the need for manual monitoring and extra personnel
Our Advanced AI technology provides enhanced security for your business and home

NeuraVue Ltd. provides enhanced security for your business or home

Don't wait for the worst to happen—get NeuraVue Ltd. today and keep your business or home safe. NeuraVue Ltd. utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze camera feeds and detect potential emergencies such as physical abuse, injuries, burglaries, weapon detection, and more—giving you an extra layer of security in real time. Receive timely alerts and relevant updates to take prompt action when needed. With NeuraVue Ltd.'s real-time alert system, you can trust that your property is always secure and protected from potential threats. Invest in peace of mind with NeuraVue Ltd. now!

NeuraVue Ltd. provides convenience, immediacy and the ability to monitor multiple properties in real-time from a single location

Stay in the know with NeuraVue Ltd. Our advanced AI technology helps monitor multiple locations in real time, giving you the necessary convenience and immediacy to take action. With NeuraVue Ltd., you'll receive timely alerts and updates about potential emergencies regardless of location, allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently. NeuraVue Ltd. is an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals who manage multiple properties—you can easily keep track of all your properties at once from a single place! Get the peace of mind you deserve with NeuraVue Ltd. nowadays!

Our Security Camera App helps clients monitor multiple properties in real-time from a single location
Our Home Security Camera App provides real time alerts about potential incidents saving your time, increasing efficiency

NeuraVue Ltd. provides increased efficiency

Get faster and better help with NeuraVue Ltd.! Our app provides real-time alerts about potential incidents so you can be prepared when it matters most. Focusing on emergency events only means you don't have to sift through motion-sensitive "noise." NeuraVue Ltd. ensures that your attention is always where it should be—saving you time and increasing efficiency in the process.

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