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Smart Commercial Buildings

We understand the critical importance of maintaining a secure environment in commercial settings. With our cutting-edge technology and advanced AI-based video surveillance systems, we offer comprehensive security solutions to safeguard your commercial property. Our solutions encompass the detection of physical abuse, unauthorized entry, workplace injuries, and more, providing you with the tools necessary to enhance security and ensure the safety of your building, employees, and visitors.

AI-Based Video Surveillance for Commercial Buildings

Our Application can be a valuable security and monitoring tool for smart commercial buildings. With its ability to detect a range of emergency events, such as signals for help, physical abuse, weapon detection, fall detection, zone violations, unauthorized entry, and more, we can help ensure the safety and well-being of employees and visitors. In an emergency, NeuraVue Ltd.'s real-time alert system allows for a prompt response, improving the chances of a successful outcome. NeuraVue Ltd.'s compatibility with small IP RTSP cameras and integration with existing security systems makes it easy to implement in smart commercial buildings.

NeuraVue Ltd. Provides Smart Buildings With

tick Enhanced Security

NeuraVue Ltd.'s real-time alert system can detect a range of potential emergencies, such as workplace injuries, robbery, weapon detection, zone violations, and more, allowing for a prompt response to ensure the safety and well-being of employees and visitors. Our Fall Detection App provides an extra layer of comfort to families. Additionally, our AI Weapon Detection feature can detect weapons and prevent threats of mass shootings and violence.

tick Convenience

With NeuraVue Ltd., building owners and managers can receive updates and alerts even when they are not present, giving them peace of mind and the ability to take action remotely.

tick Efficient Response

NeuraVue Ltd.'s advanced AI technology allows for the rapid and accurate detection of potential issues, improving the efficiency of responding to emergencies

tickEasy to Implement

NeuraVue Ltd. is compatible with small IP RTSP cameras and can be easily integrated with existing security systems, making it easy to implement in smart commercial buildings.

tick Data Privacy

NeuraVue Ltd. does not capture or store any images or videos, ensuring the privacy of building occupants and eliminating any data security concerns.

By integrating AI-powered video surveillance systems into your commercial property, you can benefit from the following:

tick Detection of Physical Abuse

Our AI-based video surveillance systems utilize sophisticated algorithms to detect physical abuse incidents within commercial buildings. This proactive approach allows for immediate intervention, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals on the premises.

tickUnauthorized Entry Detection

With our advanced AI-based video surveillance, you can effectively monitor and detect unauthorized entry attempts in your commercial building. Real-time alerts and notifications enable timely response and intervention, mitigating potential security breaches.

tick Workplace Injuries Detection

Ensure a safe working environment for your employees with our AI-based video surveillance systems. By continuously monitoring video feeds, our technology can identify potential workplace hazards or accidents, facilitating prompt response and the implementation of necessary safety measures.

tick Robbery Detection

Protect your commercial building against potential robberies with our AI-based video surveillance solutions. Our systems are designed to identify suspicious activities and behaviors associated with robbery attempts, enabling swift action to prevent loss and ensure the safety of individuals within the premises.

tickEnhanced Security Measures

By integrating AI-powered video surveillance, you can bolster your commercial building's security measures. Our advanced technology enables continuous monitoring, real-time alerts, and detailed analytics, allowing you to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Our expertise and cutting-edge technology provide comprehensive security coverage, ensuring a safe environment for your business operations. Experience the power of AI-based video surveillance for commercial buildings with NeuraVue Ltd.

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